Mr.Rajendra Prasad


Founder & Managing Director

Mr.Rajendra Prasad
M.Sc, M.Ed, M.Phil, PGELP
Founder Principal,
  • Founder School principal (one decade) with three decades of
    vibrant experience. Triple postgraduate and also trained in
    educational Leadership.
  • Biology teacher and Zoology lecturer for many years. Taught
    more than 5000 students and schooled more than 15000 school
    children as school principal.
  • Influenced hundreds of teachers for teacher Leadership and
    mentored ten’s of senior teachers to become Principals.
  • Teacher trainer and conducts EDUWEBINARS. Authored three
    books in zoology for competitive exams.
  •  Executive board member of two CBSE SAHODAYAS.
    Spearheaded Principals confluences as Vice president of Kovai
  • Member in school management committees of four reputed
    schools. Associated with international educational forums.
  • Attended more than 20 national and international educational
  •  Received many awards and accolades from educational
  •  Now, leading the ICEE, (holistic service provider for school
    education) as managing director.
  • Special adviser for GFFS (Global Forum For SDGs) from India

Mrs.Eileen Jethro


Founder Director

A teacher, an educator and a leader with a widespread experience in the field of education. She believes in the strong words of Aristotle that, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”


  • Eileen has an MBA in Marketing, apart from Masters in English Literature, B.Ed., (English & Geography) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. Her exposure to versatile educational disciplines and experiences has highly equipped her in Strategic Planning, Editing, Curriculum Management, Training and Mentoring.
  • She has a vast experience of serving as a Teacher, Head and subsequently as the Principal of various prestigious institutions for more than 20 years. During her association with each of these institutions she has left a legacy of exponential growth, rejuvenation and optimal utilisation of available resources and has been instrumental in designing curriculum and various thematic English Grammar Textbooks for them.
  • Jethro had been a part of the team of selective Principals with the then CBSE Chairman Dr Ganguly on how to improve the structure of education in schools. She has closely associated with Sahodayas in Idukki and Coimbatore and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Kovai Sahodaya.
  • In the conception stages of Uttarakhand distance education, she assisted the Registrar (Uttaranchal Open University) in all administrative work including formation of the Study Centres, and related follow up activities. Additionally, she worked in close coordination with the Controller of Examinations (Uttaranchal Open University) in conducting the Eligibility Test held across the state of Uttarakhand.
  • She has numerous educational initiatives to her credit, namely identifying the needs of the migrant Tibetans in her city, she initiated NIOS in her school which was an unknown concept back then. Ms. Jethro was the Founder and Chief Trainer in the Child empowerment programme ABHIVYAKTI, an initiative towards sensitising the children of tea plantation and factory workers towards effective expression in English.
  • Besides being an educator, she has keen interest in Theatre and Art. She has been a member of SPICMACAY and involved in the organising of various events in her city. Apart from that she has a heart for animal welfare and has been closely associated with several organisations serving the cause.
  • At present, being the Principal of Githanjali Public School since June 2015, she monitors every activity by immersing herself in all aspects of the school system. She is a visionary leader with efficacy-oriented communication skills, and strives to provide exceptional and state of art education to students beyond cultural and socio-economic differences.
  • She advises schools on matters related to affiliation and upgradation, conduct of examinations, policy decisions, safe dispersal methods, record keeping etc and adheres to the belief that to get on in the world one should get up and look for the circumstances he or she desires and if one cannot find them, then it is time to get up and make the conducive circumstances.

“Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. If you have a dream, don’t just sit there, gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.”

Mr.Mirash Kareem K .A.


Founder Director

Mr. Mirash Kareem K A

An ardent teacher educator with flair for original teaching, research and innovation. A good motivator and trainer with high leadership qualities. In his long term career, managed the inception, formation and shaping of School from its infant stage to a position wherein students could secure 100% first grade distinction.



He is well qualified with Post graduation in Sociology, and Education (M.A, M.Ed) and he is perusing PhD in education, supposed to submit the thesis in 2022.


Career profile:

During the long 22 years of service,19 years in India as the Principal of CBSE schools and 3 years in UAE,  HR& Admin area. He has started his career at the age of 27 as the Principal of Al Azhar Senior Secondary School (CBSE) ,Trissur, Kerala. In his progressive career as the Principal of CBSE Schools contributed for developing excellent educational system through Strategic planning, Lead by example, Exhibit high ethics and moral leadership with a strong belief that all children could learn, Support staff development to build internal capacity and capability, Posses expert knowledge of a wide range of   learning theories and practices with the ability to coach and support instructional improvement.

  • Since 2012, he has been working as the Principal of SSM Senior School, Komarapalayam near Erode. 
  • He has served CBSE Board as the Centre Superintendent & Observer of Board Examination and Head Examiner of Valuation.
  • He is also serving as the General Secretary of Private School Principals’ Association.
  • Also he is the founder director of ICEE and organizing of lots  EducationalProgrammes across the country.


Workshops / Seminars: 
  • He has attended numerous National & International workshops, it includes International Conferences at IIT, NEW DELHI, CBSE leadership training programmes at Pune, Cochin.
  • Also attended and several other leadership and Man catching programme, to enrich the professional skills.
  • He has conducted almost 50 teacher training programmes for CBSE, ICSE AND STATE BOARD SCHOOLS of Tamilnadu, Karnataka & Kerala.