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ICEE aims at the egalitarian educational system where the fruits of education are reaped by all the stakeholders in the system.The aim here is to enrich, empower and enhance the human resources in the educational system towards excellent contribution to the nation at large.

ICEE is open for collaboration with Semi Government, Governmental sectors to impart quality education through basic resource mobilization across the country.

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We provide an integrated system of support to school Principals, Administrators, and Managers after years of research and successfully implementing it in many schools, colleges and other educational institutions. This system is based on the scientifically proven training strategies and methods that form our USP.


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Empowering Educators towards Excellence in their Earnest Efforts of Educating Every Child given under their Care.

ICEE began as an innovative and affordable service provider for the needs in education has earned enviable recognition. ICEE has evolved into an integrated system that transforms schools, colleges and other places of education into excellent institutions. Our integrated system provides everything as needed by the educators – books, workbooks, smart classes, teacher training, teacher manuals, and hands on projects – in one place. This integration is at the core of the excellent results we have delivered over the years.

We empower teachers to become world-class teachers through our uniquely developed programmes. We enable every child to achieve national grade level proficiency using the world renowned, level-based personalized programmed. We Serve the unique teaching and learning needs and patterns of every educator and educate (child), with data to craft the teaching and learning experience and customize training based on assessment.