ICEE Focals


Why & What

ICEE is an international network of School Leaders commissioned to work as a ‘REFLECT FULCRUM’ at the international level to bridge the gap between thought leaders of education on a common platform for the purpose of exchange of best practices, learning and knowledge.

We are committed to support meaningful lasting practices that will help every learner/leader be able to be the best version of them, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

You’re in it for the students, so are we.

We have a passion for helping teams and leaders create sustainable cultures that support rigor, relevance, and relationships through vision, strategy, policy, and evidence-based practice.

  • Merit Scholarships
  • Youth Leadership Programmes
  • Student Exchange Programmes
  • Talent hunt
  • Young Scientists Programme
  • Young Poet
  • Novel Writing
  • Arts Programme
  • Film Making
  • Young Journalist Programme
  • Young Politician Program
  • Career Guidance
  • Professional Enhancement Programmes
  • Subject Enrichment Programmes
  • Exchange Programmes
  • National/International Interactions
  • Aspiring Principals Training Programmes
  • Special Training Programmes for Young 
  • Principals Leadership Enrichment Programmes for Seasoned Principals National & International 
  • Educational Tours for Principals

ICEE Generics



  • Awareness Programmes
  • Parent Educator Symbiotics

Management Members

  • School Development programmes
  • School Rejuvenation Programmes for sick schools
  • Development Programmes for Seedling Schools
  • Collaborations Abroad (Brand building)

Body Politic

  • Parent Community
  • Child centric
  • School Ecosystem