About Me

Mr.Rajendra Prasad is an illustrious educationalist, well known for his innovation in the field of education. Sheer strength of character, discipline, strength of mind, willingness to strive for education, enthusiastic nature defines him more evidently. "Fearlessness, happiness of the students, updating the school curriculum’s, respect to the teachers and staunch independence are the hallmarks of his character. He is a resolute believer of the thought that “ There is a bright child in every kid.”

Mr.Rajendra Prasad is a highly qualified person holding M.Sc (Zoology), M.Ed (Educational Psychology), M.Phil in education and PGELP (in Educational Leadership) but very down to Earth and ever- green learner. He is an author of a book on EAMCET Zoology in 1999 and also gave lectures for the B.Ed and M.Ed students.

He has spent three decades of his life not just as an educator but as an awakener too. He began his career as a Lecturer of Zoology in Siddhartha High School & College, Bestavaripet, Andhra Pradesh in 1990 where he worked for 4 years. His thirst for knowledge and aspiration to spread happiness in learning and teaching was further added up during his service as Senior lecturer in Adarsha Junior college, in A.P for 5 years, as Vice Principal in Kakatiya high school/junior college for 2 years, Narayana Junior college for 3 years. Adding feather to his cap, he worked as Principal in Greenwood High School & Junior college for 5 years and 95 year old Sanjeewan Vidyalaya , a school of legacy in Maharashtra for 3 years.

As the Founder Principal of Smart Modern School, Tamilnadu from 2012, he is consistently involved in the overall progress of the School and the students by designing creative programs and restructuring old ones, offering a range of well established co-curricular programs and vibrant clubs and an expanding range
of opportunities for initiatives, activities and events.
The conferences and the workshops he attended are endless. To highlight a few:

  • 7 CBSE annual conferences
  • 3 School leadership training programs in IIT Delhi
  • International Conference on Core Skills by the British Council
  • Excellence in School Education Program, IIT Madras.
  • Financial Education program for school children, NISM at Bhubaneshwar.
  • Educational conferences by CII Bangalore and Hyderabad.

He considers knowledge as the third eye of man, which gives him insight into all teaching, learning and leading arenas and teaches him how to think, act only for the betterment of the students and teachers. He loves to inspire and encourage students to be the best they can be in and out of the classroom.

He is the formulator of many innovative programs like ETLT (Effective Teaching and Learning Tools), Leader in Me, B 2 C 2(Basic But Compulsory Concepts), SEERA, etc. With his earnest efforts, he succeeded in getting awarded with the most prestigious, British Council’s International School Award twice for
Smart Modern School for which he incorporated International Dimension in every part of learning.
In addition to being a Principal, he provides professional development and coaching for teachers and students. He is serving in the executive boards of KOVAI SAHODAYA and TIRUPUR SAHODAYA. To bring out the hidden talents and to provoke the young minds for future competitions, he introduced KTSE
(Kovai Sahodaya Talent Search Examination- for the students from grade 3 to 10) which is identical to the NTSE and Olympiad exams. He also ignited and initiated, with the support of EB members, the CONFLUENCE OF SCHOOL LEADERS as series of conferences for KOVAISAHODAYA from 2017. He
has created various opportunities for teachers and principals to gain first-hand knowledge from some of the India’s foremost experts by conducting EDUWEBINARS through ICEE.
He strongly believes that good education starts at home and to attain this he arranges Parent Orientation Programs often in the school. Parent teacher meetings are scientifically designed for the better results and to the best satisfaction of children and parents.
With his rich experience, multi-faceted personality and inspiring qualities, he is considered as an epitome of education and role model by the teachers who work/worked under him. More than 16 teachers have become principals who served under him which is something unique and inspiring.